• Lens Technology
    Polarized lenses?

    EPØKHE offers a custom polarized lens service on the entire collection, along with stock polarized lenses on select styles.

    Polarized lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces such as glass and water making them a popular choice for anyone spending time near the ocean or the snow.

    The EPØKHE Custom Polarized Lens service offers a choice of polarized Green, Bronze or Grey lenses fitted to any frame.

  • Frame Materials
    What is acetate?

    Cellulose acetate is a natural material, providing an environmentally responsible alternative to the petroleum-based plastics typically used in inexpensive eyewear. Acetate also offers a greater range of transparencies, richer tones and colors than can be achieved with the traditional plastics used with injection-molded frames.

    Acetates such as those used on EPØKHE Matte and Polished Tortoise styles make each individual frame truly unique due to the subtle pattern variations in the sheets they're cut from.

    Cellulose acetate is made by extracting cellulose fibers from cotton and wood pulp to create a transparent paste. This paste can then be colored, processed, and molded. For eyewear, it is cut from a large block into thin sheets, and then cut again into small rectangular blanks which our frames and temples are then shaped from.