Beauty Pockets II

by jonathan salfield

The first ever trip the EPOKHE surf family found themselves on was a quick dash down Pacific HWY. It ended on the south coast of Australia. It became an annual gathering known as Beauty Pockets. Again we hit the same highway. Spend 7 days hunting south swells, bars, landscapes, isolation, the unexpected…anything that makes you stop and pull the camera out. Back on the road Dion, Mitch & Creed surfing this strange but beautiful coastline.

The ocean was blue, the snow white. The air cold and victorian bitter so, so cold. We told a lot of stories. Don't remember any of them. Spent our money. Less office, more journey. The world is a fucked up place with pockets of beauty.

In celebration of the Beauty Pockets II release, we welcome the 1st edition of EPOKHE Paper - a new quarterly photographic journal. For the premiere issue, we have curated a special edition of our annual surf adventure featuring photography by John Respondek, Dion Agius, Kai Neville & Blake Myers.